WHAT is Oswestry 2020?

Oswestry 2020 is all about creating a VISION for how we want Oswestry to grow and develop over the next 20 years. What kind of town do we want to live, work, shop and play in? What kind of town do we want for our children to grow up in? What kind of town will bring jobs? What kind of town will our senior citizens need?

The Oswestry 2020 vision will be used by the public and private sector to help make decisions about where and when money should be spent in developing Oswestry. Some regular sources of money will be drying up, but there will be opportunities to invest some one-off windfalls.

A group of local people have been working on trying to work out the vital questions we need to ask to get a vision of where people want Oswestry to be in the future.

And YOU have the answers!


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